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VibeRemote can viberate a remote Android device over the Bluetooth connection.

[System Requirement]
Two VibeRemote applications are required to play; the one is for a Listener(Receiver), the another is for a Connector(Sender).

Android 4.0.3 or later.
Android builtin Viberator is required as a Listener.
This application is tested on ASUS TF201 (with vibe) and Motorola XOOM (without vibe).

(1) Launch a VibeRemote application on a device A for Listener.
(2) Launch a VibeRemote application on a device B for Connector.

(3) Touch the LISTEN button on the device A. Then start listening for Bluetooth connection.
(4) Touch the CONNECT button on the device B. Then search and select the Bluetooth enabled device A.
(5) After the Bluetooth connection is established, press BACK arrow both on two Android devices A and B, to back to main screen which showes a heart shape.
(6) When the heart shape button is touched on B, it tries to send a message to A.

(7) When A receives a message from B, A viberates.
The color of heart shape on A is also changed.

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