Android Application

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ISBN13Scanner scans ISBN13 barcode and stores it on local database.

1) Scan Barcode
Touching [SCAN BARCODE] button, the barcode scanner appears. It uses built-in camera device to read the ISBN13 barcode which has 13 digits number starting with 978 or 979.

2) Duplication Check
When a barcode is detected, the application checks to see if this code is stored to the local database. It is nice because you can make sure that the book is new entry of your database before buying the same book twice.

3) Book Search
After scanning the barcode, it searches the Web to get book's author and title.

4) Edit In case the Web search isn't enough, you can also edit the author and title string manually. Some web links for the barcode are listed to launch the web browser quickly.

5) List
All barcodes are shown when the [LIST BARCODE} button is touched. You can copy this list.

6) Import When you like to import some barcodes not through the scanner. You can paste the comma-delimitered barcodes to the list area.

Pushing [Import] button, each barcodes is added to the local database.

[System Requirement]
Android OS 4.0.3 or later.
Built-in camera device is required for the barcode scanner.
This application is tested on the tablet ASUS TF201 and Motorola XOOM.
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