iPhone/iPod touch Application

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Let's create an image tile from your short video.
Video2Tile retrieves video frames from your movie file.
Images are tiled in the form of specified matrix with rows x columns, such as 3x3, 3x4, 4x3, etc.

Prepare a video file shorter than 90 seconds using iOS's Camera app.

STEP1: The button "Choose Video" shows a picker for video file.
Select your movie file shorter than 90 seconds duration.

STEP2: Tapping one of buttons in "Create Tile" area, creating tiled image process starts. After a little, the image tile is shown in the center area with scroll.
You can pinch in/out it to zoom in/out.

STEP3: The button "Save To Camera Roll" at the bottom area saves the image tile into the Camera Roll.

This app is built for iOS 8.2


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