iPhone/iPod touch Application

Copyright (c) 2009, Programming is life.


Spring, spring, spring has come. But the cherry blossom season is very short.

We need some magic to remember this beauty.

Here is the app, SakuraJapon!


You can move the character by tilting the iPhone/iPod touch with the Accelerometer.

Touching the top-right rect, the characeter moves to the initial location.

Touching another top-right rect, the image picker for the Photo Albums is opened.

You can change the face to your favourite photo,

such as yours or a friend's laughing-out-loud face, ... whatever.


Touching right-bottom rect, the character jumps and does a magic with a wand.

A flower appears in front of its location.


Have fun making your own garden with love.

TIPS: To take a screenshot, iPhone/iPod touch's built-in function is available:
(1) Keep pressing front "HOME" button.
(2) Click top-edge "SLEEP" button.
(3) Snapshot is saved in the Photo Albums.


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