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NoBuyTwice (*)

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Have you ever bought the same music album twice without noticing your first buy?

It's likely to happen when we're in a real CD shop. This application can keep your iTunes Music Library data exported from your PC so that you can browse it offline.

This application is created from the idea by Dr.YOSHIHARA, Hiroyuki.


The outline of usages are as follows.


Your iTunes Music Library data file (XML document) is needed.

The data file should be readable from a HTTP server you are using.



1) iTunes Music Library

-- Export your iTunes Music Library from the iTunes application on a PC.

-- Put the data file to a HTTP server.

-- With a web browser, access to the data file using appropriate URL,

   such as '', depending on your web environments.


2) Downloading XML data

-- Before launching the NoBuyTwice, open the iPhone/iPod touch's 'Settings'. Set the General/Auto-Lock property to 'Never', because it will take a while to download the whole data when the library contains more than about 5000 tracks info.

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-- Launch the NoBuyTwice application and select 'UPDATE' tab panel.

-- Input the URL to the library data file, then press the 'Download' button.

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-- Quit the application when the downloading is finished.


3) Browsing offline

-- Launch the NoBuyTwice application. The 'LIBRARY' tab panel is selected by default.

-- Browse tracks. The side bar is available for fast scrolling.




Because of the restriction of iPod/iPod touch's memory size etc., and web environments,  downloading the full XML data does not always succeed. The data structure of iTunes Music Library XML is based on the iTunes 8 (ver 8.1.1) which uses plist 1.0. Please make sure the XML data is valid before downloading. Use the application NoBuyTwice at your own risks.


(*) Unfortunately, this application is not released on the AppStore.



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