iPhone/iPod touch Application

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This app is for the Apple Watch.

Let's create your own Knock-knock-jokes to make someone laugh!
The KnockKnockWho saves your inspiration through the Apple Watch. Jokes are stored to the iPhone so that you can remember later.

On Apple Watch:

Start with "Knock, knock." button on the watch.

You: Knock, knock.
Apple Watch: Who's there?
You: Lettuce.
Apple Watch: Lettuce, who?
You: Let us come is now!

The "Input" button shows the standard text input panel.
Use the buttons with "Smile" icon or "Microphone" icon to input your own text.

On iPhone:

Launching the app on the iPhone, the list of jokes are shown on the table. Select an item to see the detail. On the detail view, your joke is there.

The "Copy Text" button copies the text to the standard pasteboard.

Apple Watch and iPhone
iOS 8.2

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