iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Application

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Is your face symmetric? Of course not!

The HalfFace shows symmetrical faces using built-in camera device. You can see symmetrical faces, which are created with right/left half of it, at the same time.


Launching the HalfFace, camera image is shown on upper half screen in real time. A built-in front camera is used by default.


Touching to a small colored rectangle on upper left edge,

the camera is toggled between front camera and back camera.


On the lower half of screen, there are moving panels.

Right/Left half faces are shown here in real time.


Touching to a small colored rectangle on lower left edge,

the state of updating image is changed between still (freeze) and active (real time update).


[System Requirement]

iOS 4.3.5 or later.

Device which has BOTH front and back camera, such as

iPad2, iPhone4, iPod touch 4th or later.

inserted by FC2 system