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GPSLocationRecorder records GPS location values. Time series data with latitude, longitude, altitude, horizontalAccuracy, and verticalAccuracy are stored into the local database. The data history is shown in the chart with time series of location and the map. Chart, map and time series data in form of TSV (Tab Separated Value) file are able to be sent with email.

[Status Text]

Before launching the application, make sure that the Location Services is 'On' in the 'Settings/Privacy/Location Services' area in the iOS.
Also turn on Wi-Fi so that the device can detect accurate GPS location.

Then, launching the application, currently detected GPS location is shown in the status text with the observed timestamp. The text has timestamp, latitude, longitude, altitude, horizontalAccuracy, and verticalAccuracy.


The 'Rec/Stop' button starts/stops recoding each value into the internal database.
The '[REC]' tag is shown at the top of the status text while recording.

[View History]

The 'View History' button shows the list of recording history. The time series data is shown in form of line chart in the detail view.

Swiping an item in the list, from right to left, the 'Delete' button appears on the item to delete time series data from the internal database.


The line chart shows latitude, longitude, and altitude in red, green, and blue color.
Each value is normalized to the unit range [0.0, 1.0] by minimum and maximum values, i.e., plot = (value - min)/(max - min).


On the map view, start/end point is shown with green/red pin.
Observed locations are connected with blue lines.


The 'Mail' button generates a mail form with attachments; a line chart image, map image and TSV (Tab Separated Value) text in which the time series records are written.

[Battery Use Disclaimer]

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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