iPhone/iPod touch Application

Copyright (c) 2009, Programming is life.


Let's get on the Ferris wheel!


You can move the character by tilting the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with the Accelerometer.


[To Get On] Walk to near the wheel. The nearest car is automatically chosen to ride.

[To Get Off] Touch the yellow rect at bottom center on the screen. The characeter moves to the initial location.


Touching face images on the screen, the image picker for the Photo Albums is opened. You can change the face to your favourite photo, such as yours or a friend's laughing-out-loud face, ... whatever.


Have fun!

[System Requirement]

iOS 4.3.5 or later.

iPad2/iPad, iPhone 3GS or later, and iPod touch 4th or later.


inserted by FC2 system