iPhone/iPod touch Application

Copyright (c) 2009, Programming is life.


Let's make things life with your face! 
Before you eat a Humberger, you can put your eyes on it. 
Before you have a cup of Cappuccino, put your mouth on it. 

This application uses both front and back camera on the device. When the face is detected on the front camera, 
eyes and mouth images are put on the back camera image. 

Simply pushing a button on the screen, photo images are saved to the Photo Album (i.e., Camera Roll). 

Let's go outside to face a beautiful scenery to be a part of it with you face! 

[System Requirement] 
A device having both front and back camera. 
iOS 5.1 or later. 
This application is tested on the new iPad, iPad2, and iPod touch 4th. 


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