iPhone/iPod touch Application

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This app is for Apple Watch.

Let's turn your short movie into the animation on the Apple Watch!

Chick app on the Apple Watch shows the animation with 1 minute duration.
Chick app on the iPhone is for generating this animation for the watch.

Take some short movie shorter than 90 seconds with the iPhone's video camera.

Launch Chick app on the watch and iPhone.

On the iPhone, tap the 'Choose Video' button and select the video file through the picker's 'Choose' button. When the short movie, shorter than 90 seconds, is selected, the app starts generating animation frames with this video file. For a while, about 720 images for 1 minutes are generated. The tiled image shows the outline of this animation.

Tapping 'Set to Watch' button, the animation is sent to the watch.

Tapping 'Call Chick' button, default chick animation is used on the watch.

Apple Watch and iPhone
iOS 8.2

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